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Recognized as the national symbol of Vietnam, today’s iconic ao dai has looked very different over the centuries, merging eastern and western aesthetics

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Get to know the national dress of Vietnam: the Ao Dai

The beauty of women dressed in “Ao Dai” always leaves a deep impression on foreign visitors to Vietnam. Girl students dressed in white long robes take to the streets on their way to school or back home, or gracefully cruise the streets on their bicycles

Ao Dai

Appropriation and influence

In the 1930s, Vietnamese fashion designer Cat Tuong, known to the French as Monsieur Le Mur, adapted older versions of the Áo Dài, creating the iconic garment we see today.

Kacey Musgraves, 2019

Kacey Musgraves performed at a concert in Dallas, Texas.

Thuy Nguyen, 2011

Thuy Nguyen is a Vietnamese fashion designer who is breathing new life into the Ao Dai.

Ao Dai Festival, 2013

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